About Us

A History of Quality Products and Services

Kugler Company was founded in 1924 by Carl Kugler as a small service station in Culbertson, Nebraska. His primary goal was to always provide the highest level of service to his customers—his friends and neighbors. That philosophy still holds true today as the very foundation of our company.

Over time, Kugler Company expanded to serve not only our friends in Southwest Nebraska, but also into Western Kansas, Eastern Colorado and eventually into the surrounding states of the Midwest. In 2013 we divested in our convenience stores division. Today, Kugler is well established as a regional manufacturer and supplier of quality liquid fertilizer products, shipping product coast to coast and internationally by truck and rail.

We continue to develop innovative fertilizers, such as our recent KQ-XRN™, a 28% Slow Release Nitrogen product, in which we are one of the few actual producers of this product in the United States. This is a key component of our lawncare and agricultural specialty products.